Client space

We provide to our customers a client portal where they can have a direct contact with support team, exchange of messages in a secure manner saving and management of their subscriptions, different payment options.

Step 1 : Create an account


enter your username and your email

Step 2 : Change your password

enter a new password that you can remember

Step 3 : choose your subscription

you can choose any subscription plan , there is always new plan and discounts

Step 4 : choose your device type and payment method

you can leave any note if you can’t find your device, our iptv is compatible with all devices


Step 5 : Find your order

In menu barre you will find orders page , you will find all your orders not complete , open the order you want

Step 6 : Payment and Contact

All the information’s that you need for sending a payment

Your invoice and the amount that you need to send

contacting support : you can send any message to support before and after your order

very important : you need to confirm your order only after the payment

Step 7 : Your subscription

After the payment we will complete your order in less than 12H, you will find all information’s in your subscriptions page in the menu bar

If you using the phone you need to scroll to the right where you can find your username , password and your M3U link